In the beginning….

Wow. What to say for the first post? No pressure! Well I guess the place to begin is to tell a little about myself.

I am a  40 year old obese male. Wow, I just had to look at those words for a few minutes and realized how much they hurt. I promised myself to be totally honest with myself and my readers on this journey so I can be nothing less than truthful. Ok, I realize that I am much more than a physical body, but I guess it is a fantastic place to start. So that being said, how about a few statistics:

Weight: 227.5 lbs. (not my heaviest but clearly not in shape)

Height: 5′ 6.5″ 

Chest: 46″ (yes I have man boobs)

Belly: 50″ (god what the hell happened to me?)


and since I promised to be completely truthful, the painfully candid shot (you may want to skim this):Image

So, the question you may be asking yourself (believe me I have asked myself it a lot the last few months) is how did I get here?

Well, being honest, it is partially a medical thing (that is currently being resolved) and a lot of sheer laziness. The medical side is that after 7 and a half years of having chronic pain, and a myriad of shifting diagnosis in December I was finally diagnosed (by my awesome Doctor) with atypical tophic gout. In layman’s terms that means that my body has an overabundance of uric acid and deposits it into cyst-like formations called tophi. That in some ways is an oversimplification but you get the point. This diagnosis has led to a turnaround in my life. With a concrete diagnosis, we developed a plan of action. This has led to where I today. Actively, working on reclaiming my life!